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Dear Angry And Frustrated Yiau Hoong,

Chill and calm down ya

Just treat this as an exposure/test/practice before you serve the government (and experience more shits) for at least 10 years, would ya?

Love JPA. Love IMU. Love Com Med report.

My First Ever Not-So-Pro "Movie Review"

Told cha I'm from the video shooting town

Warning: Randomness and senselessness to the maximum.
Ignore and skip the parts below if you think I'm crapping :p I just love to give commentary.

Not going to elaborate more on the story. It just seems funny to me personally that they are actually touring around KKB instead of heading to the police station straight :p (which is totally not wrong since it's just a video).

First they are heading to the dam (the direction people leaving for Pahang from KKB). Perhaps for a relaxing trip first to the dam with breathtaking scenery before going to the Scotland yard?

Then they head back to the town pulak passing by the new village, which has my dad as the federal government's head of village. :p

Ohhhh they really don't know the way, but I thought the son is a local studying at those samseng schools like SMDHK or SMK Ampang Pecah :p (definitely not my school since my school's chinese are too few, and more notably, too guai (obedient and disciplined) :p , to be daring enough to challenge and beat up the Malays). But eh it seems the "local" is also pointing them the wrong way wor :p By the way, the "local" in red T-shirt is my dad's assistant head of village. And that's really his workshop/bengkel.

They have another round in KKB town first, passing by the Telekom building, instead of going straight to the police station.

Finally our police station!!!

Bak Kut Teh in Restaurant City??!!

Haha, just for LOL
Finally there's one Malaysian delicacy appearing in Restaurant City on Facebook.
It's not something else but our very own local invention - Bak Kut Teh.
I'd bet anytime that it is the wierdest name in the menu of Restaurant City :p

KKB aka TVC Shooting Town

Perhaps not many of you have known before, KKB, particular older areas of Jalan Mat Kilau, formerly known as Stonor Street, is a favourite destination of TVC (TV Commercials), as well as TV shows and movies shooting crews. This is mainly due to the well-preserved and well-kept old shophouses (which are one of the 50 significant buildings of Selangor) and town areas, thanks partially to the fact that we're the first planned town in Malaysia in 1923, and also to the taxes from Genting Highlands (yes, about 1/3 of Genting Highlands is situated in Hulu Selangor, not just Pahang). KKB was featured in 5 or more TVCs, the first I can recall being Summit USJ's more than 10 years ago, at the indian traditional hairsaloon, where I cut my hair when I was young, to Petronas's (Merdeka TVCs if I recall correctly) at the now Yebeng shoes shop, opposite to Post Office, kids milk powder's at Sun Sun Man Cheong, the old Hainanese Kopitiam, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs', at one of the "supermarkets" to the latest I can recall, Old Town White Coffee around the town areas. No, neither it was shot in Ipoh, nor it mentioned it was shot there.

To those who've been here before see if you can recognize any scene familiar :p

TV3 comedy show, Ah-Ha, starring Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskandar, also featured a shop which appeared in the above video. Movie-wise, there's this relatively old malay movie called Mimpi Moon (2000), which featured 1 part of the town, as Batu Berendam, Langkawi (obviously cheating, at least to me). And also 1 old Andy Lau's movie.

It is a shame I couldn't provide more videos which I mentioned, hope this little facts do enlighten you more, about my lovely town, especially to those who are coming in the future :)

Ohh we do have an eco-guesthouse ya...

Found this while i was browsing for more information about my town to help guiding two upcoming Unimates tours.

Interesting.... I didn't even know bout this even though it's opened more than half a year ago. One of the reasons i enjoy bringing people around my hometown is that it allows me to learn and re-discover more things and facts of my beloved hometown. I do strongly agree with the article i read about 5 years ago, that to cultivate younger generations' interests in Geography and History, we should start exposing them to the local ones.

Most parts of the article are not written by me, but I'll try adding in more details to it if I have the time and mood :p

Email to 14 Tourists

Below is an email sent by a tour guide to his 14 tourists. :p

Ok this is the rough outline what we gonna do on that day
7am gather then depart.
We have 3 cars, with Darren, Daniel and Guan Meng driving. So if u guys wanna join any particular car just let the drivers know. And ya do discuss with your driver how to subsidize them some petrol money because it's not a short journey like going to sri petaling to have lunch or dinner rite? (KKB is about 80km away from Bukit Jalil) Somemore we'll need to go around after we reach.
It's a Sunday so my estimation is we'll reach there in about 1 hours 15 to 30 minutes.

So we'll reach about 8.30am, then we'll go somewhere to have breakfast first, my plan now is to go have handmade wantan mee in my neighbour town, Rasa. It's famous locally la though i don't really know how it tastes because i think most of u guys know right, i'm allergic/intolerant to eggs. Then after the breakfast we'll head to my town, KKB. I'm thinking of asking IMU whether they can let us get the keys of 1 of the houses so that we can lodge most of our luggages and stuffs there first, i'll try ask them and see, if i' going to IMU later (Friday).

Around 10am we'll head towards the waterfall, which will pass our dam, the Sungai Selangor Dam. The scenery is quite good and so do bring your cameras if u're thinking of snapping some pictures there or anywhere later in KKB. (Part of the Old Town Restaurant recent advertisement was shot here, the most notable being a big lake behind a swing on grass). Shortly after the dam, we'll reach the entrance to the waterfall. Then we'll need to trek for about 1 hour, depending on how smooth our journey gonna be, might be more, or less than the estimated time. I have to admit I've never been to the waterfall, but the trails should help, and I do hope we'll choose most if not all the trails right, though don't worry we would not get lost, we can always just turn back if we pick a wrong trail. And ya, in case I didn't tell u, we'd need to cross streams and rivers few times, bout 5-6, which the highest would be till abdomen level.

We'll spend about 1-2 hrs there at the waterfall, before heading back to our cars. WE might have picnic or slight lunch there if u guys want. The waterfall is called Sungai Chilling Waterfall, and some people say it's because of the icy cold CHILLING water. Couldn't tell u more, since i'd never been there also. Then the trek back should be relatively shorter. After the waterfall trip, we'll head south again to Ulu Yam Lama for its famous Loh Mee, the most famous food in Hulu Selangor. Again i've never tried it before because of allergy/intolerance, and despite the so-so reviews from my family members and girlfriend, I still think we should have a try.

After lunch, we'll go to the hot spring somewhere in Batang Kali, the gateway to Genting Highlands for people from the north ie Perak Penang Kedah... It's not being anywhere near to extraordinary, just until knee level, yet i think it should be a new experience for those who've never been to a hot spring before, something which is part of my childhood memory.

After hot spring, Jian Ren will head back to KL, and the rest of us will go back north to KKB to meet up with the rest going there by bus. I do have an idea though, this is all depend on u guys. I'm thinking of going to Tanjung Malim, somewhere 20km north from KKB, the border town of Perak and Selangor, divided by Sungai Bernam (something we've learned in Geography way back in secondary school, which is also 1 of the favourite questions). Why so far? For the famous Tanjung Malim Paus i love so much lo. I especially like the curry chicken paus, and i heard the kaya paus there also not bad. But really, it all depends on u guys lo, also if we've enough time la. And also u can actually get them when u're going north by PLUS, at the Tg Malim rest station.

So enough about the trip rough outline. Now it's about what u should bring, specifically for the waterfall.
1. Sport shoes, this is a must, u won't want foot ache, or even worse, have your slippers flown away by the rapid stream right? If u do "sayang" your favourite Nike Adidas New Balance or whatever brands of sport shoes so much, i'd suggest getting a cheap Power la. Just a suggestion la.

2. Some biscuits and drinking water. Or even some other food for picnicking?

3. First aid kit, this 1 no need to worry, thanks to Han Eyong who is willing to lend us his, and Jian Ren who is willing to carry it.

4. Extra pair of clothes, and leave it on the cars, since we sure be getting wet right?

5. If u bringing camera, better bring a water-proof 1, since we're crossing rivers or streams. If yours not, maybe u can consider getting water proof cap? But i really really hope we will be able to snap some pictures there.

That's all i can think for now, please do not hesitate to remind or tell if u think i miss out something. And please do ask if there's any other query. That's it for now, and hope we all will have a nice trip to KKB.

Arsene Wenger's Castrol Coaching Session

Went to Arsene Wenger's Castrol Coaching Session just now. Will elaborate more after i get my pictures. At the mean time this is the only picture i found online so far...


An ______ a day, keeps the doctor away

Wrong, the answer is not apple. The correct answer is Ah Beng. "An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away." Why? Haven't you heard of "laughter is the best medicine" before?

OK, some Ah Beng's stories:

At the Karaoke

Ah Beng and his friends went into a karaoke lounge. So Ah Beng requested for the DJ to play the song "Ah Cheng Buey Ro Ti" (In Hokkien meaning Ah Cheng buys bread). The DJ told them that they only have English songs and told him to re-select another song. Ah Beng was angry and kicked up a big fuss, claiming that the DJ had insulted him. The manager had to intervene in order to calm him down. Finally, after many hours of talking, the manager managed to solve the problem when he told the DJ that the song Ah Beng had requested was actually "Unchained Melody".

Father and Mother?

Ah Beng was in an English class one day
Teacher: "Class, do you know the meaning of parents?"
Ah Beng: "Yes, teacher, it means father and mother"
Teacher: "Good. Can you give me an example?"
Ah Beng: "Sure. Cowboy's parents means cowboy's father and mother. Also can say Cowboy's father is Cow Pay & Cowboy's mother is Cow Boo. So together we say Cow Pay Cow Boo”. (KPKB). The English teacher fainted at Ah Beng’s remarks and applied for a transfer to get away from him.

Flight time

Ah Beng wanted to find out how long it will take to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. So he calls up Malaysian Airlines and asked , “Sir, can you please tell me how long it takes to fly from KL to Tokyo ? The airline staff replied, “Just a minute”. Ah Beng replied, “Wow, that is fast. Thank you very much. ” and hangs up the phone.

The jokes nais or not?? Visit Ah to find out more jokes. May they brighten up your day :)

P/s: Finally Bukit Jalil receives its first downpour after a long 1-week-drought. Woohoo, though that means, I'm gonna have hard times going to uni in 1 hours time :(

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